Texas GOP Vice-Chair’s Priorities are Texans’ Priorities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Texas GOP Vice-Chair’s Priorities are Texans’ Priorities

Austin, TX: Today, Republican Party of Texas Vice-Chair, Cat Parks, shares a note with Republican Party leadership throughout the state in response to yesterday’s inauguration of President Joe Biden.

Parks made the following statement:

“I implore each of you to listen to Republican voters. We need to ask our neighbors what their priorities are right now. Many Texas Republicans are justifiably afraid of what Biden-Harris policies will do to their livelihoods. Economic survival, censorship, property taxes, and open borders are perceived as a personal threat to many of my neighbors, as well as many of yours.

This is a year unlike any other. Passage of Texas GOP Legislative Priorities should not be the sole indicator of a successful legislative session. If Texas legislators pass fifty bills related to Republican Party of Texas Platform planks, and only pass one bill from the Texas GOP Legislative Priorities, did we fail as a Party? While current Texas GOP messaging says yes, Texas Republican voters indicate otherwise.

  1. Texans resoundingly said Law and Order is a clear priority for them.
  2. Lower Property Taxes is still of the utmost importance to hard-working Texans.
  3. Texans will fight for their Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech.

Not one of those issues is a Texas GOP Legislative Priority. However, be certain that those are things being discussed around kitchen tables nightly and are of significant concern to Texas Republicans. By narrowly focusing on Texas GOP Legislative Priorities as the singular indicator of legislative success, we lose the opportunity to address the real-time concerns of Texans.

Before 2016, many Americans were jaded by the deafness of the GOP apparatus, causing them to stay home from the polls. As many of you know, I was one of those people. President Trump cleared the Republican field in 2016, because he understood the importance of listening to and prioritizing ‘forgotten America’.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again; the Republican Party of Texas is not an office in Austin. It is every Texas voter that values faith, family, and freedom. The Democrat party belittles faith and family and takes liberty to cancel or silence whoever doesn’t agree with them.

It was America First policy that got me involved. It was Texas Strong policy that motivated me to run for Vice-Chair of our Party at 38. Now, it is both America First and Texas Strong policy that stokes the fire in my soul and drives me to focus on “We the People.” — Today, Democrats have returned to full power, and Freedom of Speech is their enemy number one. It is time we lead like we have something to lose, because we certainly do.”